Happy Veterans Day

Today we are Honoring all the men and women who have selflessly served our country. Thank you!

Whatcom County Veterans Day events across Whatcom County.
Navy ~ Marines ~ Air Force ~ Coast Guard

Ten Things To Do In Lynden

1. Explore Berthusen Park with its historical barn and old growth forest.

2. Pick up a baked from scratch treat at the Lynden Dutch Bakery.

3. Climb on the 24,000 sqft Million Smile Playground, constructed by volunteers.

4. Experience all the sights and sounds coming from the Jansen Art Center.

5. Walk along Lynden’s interurban trail system for a leisurely afternoon.

6. Learn about the rich history of the Pacific Northwest at Lynden Pioneer Museum.

7. Shop in one of the many eclectic shops including antique and thrift stores.

8. Pick a variety of fresh berries straight from the fields during the season.

9. Taste the wines at family-owned Samson Estates Winery.

10. Enjoy a delicious farm-made ice cream cone from Edaleen Dairy.
Visit Lynden Chamber of Commerce for community information and more! Call the Muljat Group North if you are relocating to Whatcom County ~ 360-354-4242

Painting to Sell: What Color Homes Sell Best?

Call it exterior painting to sell. One underscored rule of what’s selling, is to go mainstream. Try to appeal to the widest possible swath of buyers.
Some tips on exterior painting to sell:
- Drive around your neighborhood and get inspiration that way.
-Think about your part of the country. There’s definitely regional color. Spicy tones might work in the Southwest; tropical areas might be more used to a little blue.
Earth tones abound. A great color to start with is definitely earth tones, nothing too bold and nothing too taste-specific. No lime greens. No oranges. No pink unless you have an old Victorian and you are fixing it up.
– Take a look at new construction, and copy what builders of new construction are doing.
– Make sure that your front door is beautifully painted. Front doors matter!
Think about painting the exterior to please. When selling homes: “It’s a business, not an emotion.”
Read complete article Painting to Sell by Christopher Moore

Caliber Home Loans

John Larabell, Sr. Loan Consultant
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We are proud to introduce, John Larabell, as our onsite local Caliber Home Loans representative. Whether you’re purchasing or refinancing your home, John, strives to make that process easy. Contact John today to learn more about competitive rates and fees and innovative mortgage solutions provided by Caliber. For more information, please visit: CALIBER HOME LOANS – John Larabell


When listing your home during the fall, there are a few things to keep in mind to keep your home looking fresh regardless of the weather outside.

1. As fall weather descends, leaves fall and plants turn in for the winter. We recommend a weekly landscaping tidy-up of the yard and plant beds, removing any dead foliage and raking the ground. In the event of a windstorm, additional yard tidying may be necessary.

2. A clean roof is imperative for making the buyer feel comfortable in the stability of the home. Therefore, it is also recommended that leaves and other debris are regularly cleared off.

3. Since it is getting darker earlier, lighting is even more important. Outdoor lighting can be a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home. Home improvement stores usually have outdoor lighting on sale or clearance this time of year and a small investment in a hard-wired system can provide quite an impact.

4. Unless you will be setting the stage for each showing, we recommend keeping the lights on throughout the day. Although this may add a few dollars to your electric bill, in our experience this pays off in a quicker sale.

5. Although you may keep more heat in your house by closing blinds, and curtains, resist the urge to do so during the day. Buyers need to feel that a home is open and bright.

6. In order to keep your house smelling fresh and clean, opening the windows once a week on a sunny day can circulate the air. Changing the filters in the furnace or using a carpet freshener may also help although avoid strong-smelling air fresheners as many buyers are sensitive to these strong smells.

7. Resist the urge to turn the thermostat during the day. Adjusting to below 68 degrees can make the home viewing experience uncomfortable which is not conductive to a home sale.

8. If bringing out your winter clothes has your closet looking packed, consider removing some of the bulkier items to provide some breathing room. An overstuffed closet sends the message that it is not big enough to hold a household’s belongings, so you are better to store lesser-used items offsite while the home is listed.

There are many advantages to selling during the fall and winter months – with less inventory buyers are more serious about finding the right home and homes that stand out and look fresh will get attention. If you are considering selling your home, please give the Muljat Group Realtors┬« a call: 360.354.4242


Fall is such a beautiful time of year in Whatcom County!

Front Street in beautiful, downtown, Lynden, Washington.
If you have never visited Stoney Ridge Farm in Everson, Washington you better do so because this is their final 2015 harvest season after 25 years of celebrating!

They have the largest pumpkin patch in the county! Take the whole family as they would truly enjoy taking a hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkin. The farm animals are a hoot to watch especially the funny goats leaping and walking on the overhead ramps! The home made pumpkin and gooey caramel apple pies are so yummy! To quench your thirst the fresh-pressed pasteurized cider is amazing. You can even harvest some fresh crisp apples as they have u-pick apples. The farm is really the picture perfect setting for the photographer in your family!

Be festive this season and visit Whatcom County Fall Activities
Happy Fall to you and your family from The Muljat Group Realtors®!


Earnest money deposit is basically the cash you offer to put down on a home you are interested in. Depending on where you live, you put down a % of the home’s purchase price as earnest money. In a highly competitive market, buyers are putting down large deposits to stand out. The earnest money remains in an escrow account or with the title company until the sale closes. If everything goes okay, that earnest money is put toward your down payment and closing costs.
In certain scenarios however, you may lose your earnest money.
1. You waived your contingencies
In highly competitive markets, it’s becoming more common for buyers to waive contract contingencies regarding financing or an inspection. You might be tempted to do the same-it will make you a more attractive buyer. But it also comes with serious risks. The financing contingency guarantees that you’ll get your money back if for some reason your mortgage doesn’t go through and you’re unable to purchase the house. The inspection contingency allows you to renegotiate the price or demand repairs if serious defects are found during the inspection. Most experts recommend that you do not waive the inspection contingency, unless you’re planning on tearing the property down.
As for the mortgage-financing contingency, waiving it may be the only way to compete with all-cash buyers. But you’ve got to be absolutely sure that you’ll be able to get approval from your bank.
2. You ignored the timeline outlined in the contract
Your contract usually sets out a specific time frame in which you’ll need to secure financing, get the home inspected, and be available for the closing. Generally speaking, as long as you’ve made a good-faith effort to adhere to the timeline, sellers will grant a reasonable extension if a lender drags his feet or there are other extenuating circumstances that delay things.
3. You have a change of heart
If you have a change of heart about the home you’re buying – but there’s no problem with the property or the financing – you will not get your money back.
Earnest money deposit serves a protection for the sellers when they take their home off the market. If late in the game you decide that you no longer want to make the purchase, they get to keep it as compensation for the time and money they have to spend on listing their home again and looking for another buyer.
Source: Beth Braverman, 9/16/15, realtor.com


The mortgage rates are holding steady near 3.75% in September. Mortgage rates for 30-year fixed mortgages fell almost imperceptibly this week. Need help deciding which loan program makes the most sense? Caliber Home Loans is on site at our office. There are some initial steps to take when deciding to get pre-approved to buy a home. After determining you qualify to purchase a home, you’ll need to submit a loan application with a lender. Upon submitting this information to your lender, give them at least 24 hours to thoroughly review all your financial documentation and complete financial package. After such time, the lender will produce a pre-approval letter for you to give to your real estate agent to make an offer to buy a home. Once you know how much a lender is willing to offer, you can shop within that price range. With the interest rates so low it’s a great time to buy a home! Contact the Muljat Group North Real Estate office – we would love to represent you in buying a home!


It sure doesn’t feel like Fall is just around the corner in Whatcom County. We have had a record breaking summer with the number of days over 80 degrees. However, the first day of fall is September 23, and if your flower baskets are fading you may be thinking of what to plant next. For the perfect late-season bloomer, you can’t go wrong with fall mums. Mums really are the divas of the autumn garden. The blooms last for weeks, and the sheer number of flowers per plant will convince anyone that this flower really likes to show off. Mums are perfect for mass plantings, because of the tight, mounded habit and stunning bloom cover. Garden mums make great container plants. To learn more about the blooms, please read:
Gardening with mums

Your front door creates a first impression for buyers and guests. Some seller’s stage and prep the interior of their homes but often neglect the front door. Mum’s aren’t as expensive as many perennials. Pots of colorful mums placed by the front door offers a quick splash of color. Mums are the pick for a fabulous fall!


Just a few reasons why a real estate contract is delayed or even terminated. If you are a buyer it’s always a good plan to have a pre-approval letter in hand from your bank. CALIBER HOME LOANS is on-site at our location to offer financing/mortgage advice.

Drop by our office to meet with a licensed Realtor® today! Let us explain the steps to home ownership,
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